Gina's Photo Gallery

From July 13th to the 23rd 2004, Gina had the opportunity of a lifetime.
She, and her band went to Bosnia and Kosovo to entertain our military.
They visited four bases, Camp Bondsteel and Camp Monteith in Kosovo, Butmir NATO Base in Sarajevo and Eagle Base outside of Sarajevo in Bosnia.

The tour was produced by AKA Productions through MWR
(Morale, Welfare and Recreation)

The first 27 pictures on this page are from that trip.

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112.jpg 132.jpg 130.jpg
Gina and Steve jammin' on stage On Stage at Camp Monteith On Stage at Camp Monteith
143.jpg 144.jpg 161.jpg
On Stage at Camp Monteith On Stage at Camp Monteith On Stage at Camp Monteith
176.jpg 137.jpg DSC00891.jpg
On Stage at Camp Monteith Receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Commander Terrance L Fulner At Camp Bondsteel, in Kosovo, Gina checks out a OH58D "Warrior"
DSC00892.jpg DSC00894.jpg DSC00895.jpg
A little Cheesecake for the Boys "How do you start this thing?" at the Summer Base Medivac party, Gina takes a few dunks to help build morale.
DSC00900.jpg DSC00026.jpg DSC00040.jpg
CW4 Ron Addison joins the band on stage Here's Gina and the Band beside the "Eternal Flame" in Sarajevo, Bosnia Meeting the Colonel, and getting an "Award of Appreciation"
DSC00052.jpg DSC00048.jpg DSC00050.jpg
More with the Colonel ....and more ....and one more
DSC00059.jpg DSC00069.jpg DSC00086.jpg
Just before the NATO Show in Sarajevo On the Millenium Stage in Sarajevo for the NATO Show Craig, Gina, Steve and Art, havin' a "Big Time"
DSC00062.jpg DSC00103.jpg DSC00019.jpg
The whole band rockin' at the NATO Show Some guys have all the luck. Gina at the entrance to a secret tunnel that accesses Sarajevo, built during the war.
DSC00021.jpg DSC00111.jpg DSC00117.jpg
Here's the Band with "Road Manager Tim" and their guide, Despina in front of the tunnel. In Sarajevo, Their guide "Mac" joins the band on stage. Here's Mac again.
Gina.jpg Gina2.jpg ssb1.jpg
Gina recording in Nashville at Dixianna Studios Another shot at the studio On the big screen at Edison Field
Gina-Jay.jpg G1.jpg G2.jpg
Gina with Jay Leno Gina & Carolyn Dawn Johnson Gina, Sherrie Austin & Gina's niece Cara
G10.jpg G11.jpg G3.jpg
Cara, Tracy Byrd & Gina Cara, Brad Martin & Gina Cara, Chely Wright & Gina
G4.jpg G5.jpg G6.jpg
Gina & Tommy Shane Steiner at Fanfare 2002 Gina and Kevin Denny Gina and Mark Wills
G7.jpg G8.jpg G9.jpg
Gina, Billy Yates & Cara Cara, T. Bubba Becktal & Gina Gina and Andy Griggs
ssb2.jpg vasser.jpg rflattts.jpg
Singing "The Star Spangled Banner" Phil Vasser and Gina hangin out with Rascal Flatts
paisley.jpg lynn.jpg gill.jpg
Gina and Brad Paisley with "living legend" Loretta Lynn with Vince Gill
diffie.jpg checker.jpg cagle.jpg
Joe Diffie and GIna Gina and Chubby Checker with Chris Cagle
gina&1.jpg gina&2.jpg gina&3.jpg
Gina & Martina McBride Gina with Lorrie Morgan Gina & Jo Dee Messina
gina&4.jpg gina&5.jpg gina&6.jpg
Gina & Ty Herndon Gina, Brad Paisley & Keith Bilbrey Gina & T.G. Shepard
gina&7.jpg G004.jpg G003.jpg
Gina & Danni Leigh Gina, Darryl Worley and Cara Mathew and Gunnar Nelson with Gina
G002.jpg G001.jpg gina&cb.jpg
Vince Vance and Gina Gina and Trisha Yearwood Gina with Clint Black
gina&jd.jpg gina&ljd.jpg gina_ms-.jpg
Gina & Joe Diffie Gina, hangin' out at the Opry with "Tater" (Little Jimmie Dickens) Connie Smith, Gina & Marty Stuart
crazyhorse.jpg ws dance.JPG two shot2.JPG
Gina, "knockin' em dead" at the Crazy Horse Some live performance shots
stance.JPG ms5.JPG ms4.JPG
ms3.JPG ms.JPG ms band.BMP
dancin.JPG cu5.JPG cu3.JPG
cu pofile.JPG cu front2.JPG band3.JPG